We are a german company with the headquarter and production site in the Slovak Republic, the company was established in 1995. Our company employs currently more than 200 employes.

Technical Textiles s.r.o. manufactures a large variety of products based on glass yarns – glass woven products.
Our products are mainly dedicated to the building industry especially for reinforcing of the façade system (outside and inside of the building).

Our customers are industrial users as well – plastic reinforcement (car industry, profile producers and ship producers etc.).

With it´s state-of-the-art machines the company is capable of producing of different kind of special products.
The glass yarns for our products are of the highest quality and are being delivered from well established and known suppliers.

In 2002, the company Technical Textiles s.r.o., started a new production program for composite and plastic reinforcements – glass roving.
This provides Technical Textiles s.r.o. with the unique abilitiy to cover different requirements for glass fibre reinforcements.

The Technical Textiles s.r.o. products are sold throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Far East. It is our intention to tailor our services to the wishes of the customers. Diversity produced in our company will make us a competent partner for the area of plasters and composite reinforcements.